About Us

Hi, Andrea Hattan here. Wichita Women in Business is a directory run by my main business, The Hive. It’s a place to search whenever you’re looking for someone to work with or buy from in any given industry and you want to support a woman-owned or operated business. It's also a place for those in the media to search for women to interview, for nonprofits to search for women to serve on their boards, and for organizations to search for women to speak at their events.

You see, over the years, I noticed that the number one reason we lost a Hive member was because, while they loved our mission of #womensupportingwomen, they didn’t always have the time to come to events, the need to use our physical space, or the budget to support a membership at $95/mo. However, every person who has ever been a Hive member or a friend of The Hive, is in my mental referral database.

Imagine how difficult it is to remember the names and find the contact information of 1,000's of amazing women who I want to refer to whenever someone asks, “Do you know a great photographer/graphic designer/website developer/printing company etc.?” or "Do you know a woman who has xyz type of business that we could feature on KWCH or interview in the Wichita Business Journal?" or "Can you give me the name of a few women who would be amazing on abc board?

Of course, The Hive always will prioritize our bees with personalized, warm introductions, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for a resource to send people when they ask for recommendations. I love being able to say, “Yes! One of our bees does this and she’s fantastic. Let me connect you. And if you need other options to consider, just search for ______ in the Wichita Women in Business database.

For only $10/mo, you can be found by people who truly have a passion for supporting women in business. And we all know, those are the best types of clients/customers! ; )

It’s also a great resource to use when you just want to connect personally with another woman in business. Maybe you need a mentor or want to mentor someone. Maybe you’ve always wanted to have coffee with [insert awesome woman here] but you didn’t have a way to reach out to her with a warm intro. Now you do! “Hey, I saw that we are both listed in Wichita Women in Business and wanted to see if you were up for grabbing coffee!” It gives you an immediate connection, creating a warm rather than cold outreach.

Now in true Hive spirit, we want to clarify that this directory should be used authentically (i.e. not to spam). What’s spam, really? Reaching out to people on here specifically for the purpose of selling them something. You need to be genuine in your outreach. You also need to be personal. Don’t just copy-paste a bunch of emails and send a cold, generic message to everyone. Ick. Instead, we encourage you to peruse the profiles and be thoughtful in how you initiate contact. Be real. Be you.

We hope you consider joining the directory. It doesn’t make you a Hive member, but it does add you to our referral network. And we LOVE to refer to other women in business who are doing cool things in Wichita.