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The Wichita Women in Business directory is unique in that it's focused on the person, not the business. It works well for women who are the face of their business or for professionals who want to have a personal approach and not be just a "faceless" brand.

It's also an awesome resource for people looking to do business with Wichita women or feature them in the media. Often local reporters and journalists reach out to us to find women to interview for their TV segments or articles. Local political leaders and nonprofit board presidents even ask us who we would recommend for giving feedback on policymaking or for filling an open board position. Guess where we turn when brainstorming our recommendations? This directory!

You can use it to save time researching for a new service provider or product too.

For example, if you're needing photos done for your social media, search "photographer" and you'll find a list of amazing women to do business with or just connect over coffee to build an authentic relationship with someone local. It's a lot less overwhelming than searching on Google, and it feels more personal as you can see the person behind the brand.

Your listing has the ability for you to add your headshot, business, bio, and as many ways to get in touch (phone, email, social media, website) as you want to include. There are also "Skills & Abilities" where you can add keywords to help you come up in the relevant searches. Back to that photographer example...she might include "photos, photography, portraits, family photographer, headshots, photoshoot, etc."

For only $10/mo (or $100/year), you can be found by people who truly have a passion for supporting Wichita women business owners and professionals. And we all know, those are the best types of clients/customers! ; )

Note: when you click the link below, it will redirect you to The Hive's website. That's because this directory is run by The Hive (read more about why here), but being a part of the directory doesn't make you a Hive member—although Hive members do get a listing in the directory included in their membership. Don't be alarmed by the switch in branding. It's just the easiest way for us to keep things streamlined for those upgrading and downgrading between options.

Are you ready to be listed in Wichita's most comprehensive and authentic directory of women in business? 


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